Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lego Store Experience

Lego Store Experience: (Warning)

Well I was at a Lego retail store this past week, and when I was finished shopping and paying, I felt like telling the clerk to take it all back. Usually they tape over the Pick-A-Brick cups.  I  had seven large cups full of assorted bricks and some cups were not for me.  3 were for my son, another for a friend.  When he put them in the bag, the covers all came off, and got mixed up. it was a huge mess.  He was like oh well that's the fun of it. I said " not really, they are not all for me, that ticks me off."  He had a (I couldn't care attitude), as long as he made the sale.  How I know that, I had heard him and the other employee talking about their sales for the day, while I was filling up the cups.  I went to that store because I had not been there before, and heard it was a nice store.  Well I won't be going back there, I'll go to the other store another 30 mins away.  and after driving 13 hours to get there, 30 mins is nothing.  To say the least I was disappointed in the store.   However I did purchase the stuff, and a large amount to say the least.  I guess when you go to get your Pick-A-Brick cups filled, take a ziplock bag with you, and put the whole cup with bricks in after you fill it up, so nothing gets all mixed up, put each cup in a separate bag.  If Lego made the cups with a screw on lid that would be better, but use the bag idea to save a huge headache after.

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