Saturday, May 22, 2010

Never to be Fogotten

On June 18th 2010, Lawerence Livesey (53), a great friend and master model builder from our local group, passed away.  He had Lung cancer and was waiting for a transplant.  He inspired many of us when it came to building unique items and trains.  He loved the shows and talking to people.  I will always remember his RCX cows.  You will always be in spirit at the shows Good friend. God Bless.  

Here is an excerpt from a paper (2007), The Herald - By LOIS LEGGE Features Writer. :"Trains are the reason 50-year-old commissionaire Lawrence Livesey became attached to LEGO. The life-long model train buff says he could never quite master the painting aspect of his hobby. Then he discovered LEGO made the vehicles.

"I’ve got a lot of ruined trains at home but you can’t ruin this," says the Denmark, Colchester County man.

But you can modify it. While LEGO makes trains, for instance, they don’t come with the CN design. So Livesey has created his own Canadianized version from various sets."

Lawrence is circled in red in this 2007 picture:

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  1. Just to clarify, Lawrence died of Pulmonary Fibrosis on May 17th. He enjoyed working with Lego and made many good friends from this hobby.


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