Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Summer Season of the Butchers Videos

My new Summer season of videos starts today, as soon as I finish editing the Canada Day Video later today it will be up, just a few details. My wonderful wife "Shelley" God Bless her, gave me some creative ideas late last night to do to my videos so that I can get a "following" and get known out there in cyber video world. I am going to put these in motion starting today. Why wait till later? When Canada Day is a good place to start. I know Episode 9 is not up yet, because I'm waiting for it to stop raining to shoot a 20 sec segment for it, it will still be part of the old season (season one). Also I'm getting my video gear prepared. I'm trying out a new DIY camera stabilizer (stedicam), don't know what the results will be yet, an maybe a new mic down the road, we will see. As always enjoy my videos and please comment or sign my guestbook. Freddie

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