Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Lego race at Toys-R-Us

Here is what we got, a certificate , a tattoo, and a Lego Pencil. Our race time was 2.7 sec, I think the winner was 1.8 sec. Let me tell ya! we were not impressed with the way it was run. The store itself did it, the race track timer failed before it even started, It just kept counting and would not stop no matter what they tried to do to fix it. So the TRU employee used his ipod timer, not so sure he was dead on with the button pressing. I'm surprised that the local LEGO(R) retail Rep was not there cheering the kids on, as I think this would have been a great opportunity. It was thrown together and was not to our LEGO(R) calibre that I would and have grown to expect, sorry, that is my rant on that. The big giveaway was the Ferrari Set # 8123. For $3.00 more LEGO or TRU could have Gave away this set #8168 a much better set with 3 minifigs and real looking cars, not the micro cars like in the 8123 set. The main thing was we had fun building our own car and racing it down the track. Freddie!

This leaves me with an idea for our shows coming up. I think i will build a race track, so that the kids can build a car and race it against their buddies. Probably have an RCX or NXT brick control the timer circuit, with a couple of sensors , one at the start, and one at the end, Tada! much better than an IPod, and it's LEGO all the way.

I rounded out Father's Day recieving set#7641 City Corner as a gift from my family, pretty cool day. Thanks to my Family and everyone who views my videos!

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