Wednesday, June 3, 2009

comment from viewer

I finally got around to watching you shows.
Good job! I really enjoyed them and am looking forward to the next one.

Nice tip on the double wash tub... you say use a metal screen... why?

Also I'll tell you what I do different to wash bricks.
Keep in mind I'm pretty anal about how clean my previously owned bricks are.

First I'll soak them in in hot water and soap. Hot from the tap so not hot enough to melt anything. Then after a few hours of that I find that a lot of dirt on the inside of the tubes will loosen up. After a few changes of water most dirt is gone.

For dirt stuck between the studs I use an old tooth brush. Yep I sometimes have too much time on my hands but sometimes it a rare part that's worth the effort.

For dirt ground into scratches (particularly on white bricks) you can take a small dab of toothpaste with that old tooth brush and it will lift the dirt right out. It will however also take the shine off of the surface but if it's all scratched then that usually is not a big deal.

If the bricks are from a smoker a long soak in strong vinegar solution will chemically lift the tar on the surface which is why the smell sticks with it.

BrickPoor - NovaLUG

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